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Livestream Funeral Services in Painesville, OH

Attending a funeral in-person may not always be easy to do, especially in today’s uncertain times so we can livestream a funeral to ensure social distancing for non-family members who want to pay their respects virtually. Whether it be family members who are unable to travel or someone too ill to attend the service, some individuals cannot physically be there for a funeral, regardless of how badly they would like to pay their respects in person. Fortunately, technology can help with this: more and more funerals are being streamed live online for those who are unable to be present during the service. There are several ways to do this, depending on how private you would like the funeral to be. Read on to learn about different livestreaming options you may want to consider when planning a funeral.

Facebook Live is one of the most popular ways to livestream a funeral online. If you choose this channel, all parties must have a Facebook account. Using this method is very easy and makes the service available to the general public if you choose. You can also restrict access based on privacy settings, which some may be interested in if they want to keep the funeral small and private. This is usually a good idea so that those scrolling through Facebook do not stumble upon the service, which may be uncomfortable.

Similarly, you can use video chat services like Zoom and Skype to livestream. These channels allow you to choose and invite specific people to view the service. They also give the option to briefly video chat with those watching from afar before the livestream of the funeral begings. Each of these options give the option to record the livestream, which allows others to watch it at a later time if they are unable to tune in to the original service.

If you do decide to livestream a funeral, you may want to announce it on social media to let friends and family know. This way, those who are considering attending in person can decide whether they would prefer to watch the service online. You may also want to consider asking people you know to assist anyone elderly who may be interested in watching online instead of attending in person. This way, they are able to easily view the service without having to travel.

Ultimately, the decision to livestream or record a funeral is a personal one. Speaking with all immediate family members and getting different opinions can help you determine whether livestreaming is something that should be incorporated into funeral arrangements. If you’re interested in livestreaming a loved one’s funeral, speak with one of our funeral directors today.

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