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Memorial Monuments & Markers in Painesville, OH

Selecting a memorial marker or monument is one of the most personal decisions a family can make during the process of making funeral arrangements. A memorial marker or monument emblematizes your loved one for centuries as well as providing a place for you to visit to pay your respects.

Memorial markers and monuments are crafted from heavy-duty granite, marble, and bronze materials that stand the test of time. These materials also allow an array of warm and elegant colors to choose from. Our memorial markers and monuments maintain their semblance decade after decade regardless of the weather or changes to the surrounding environment.

We offer a wide range of designs including traditional pieces and custom made pieces. This includes single and/or companion (for side by side burials) grass level markers, single bevel markers, slant monuments, memorial benches, slant monuments, and upright monuments. These pieces are etched with your loved one’s name and any other personal information you wish to include.

Due to our close relationship with one of the largest quarries in the United States, we are able to keep our memorial markers and monument prices low. We invite you to consider us regardless of whether or not you decide to use our funeral services.

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