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Pet Cremation Services in Painesville, OH

Losing a pet is always difficult. Not only are you losing a furry friend, but also a companion and member of the family. After a pet has passed away, you have options. While many choose to bury their pets, pet cremation is on the rise.

You have the choice whether or not to use a casket for cremation as there are no regulations requiring them. Depending on your budget, you can also choose whether your pet is cremated individually, which can cost more, or in a partition cremation with other pets, which is less expensive. Some people choose individual cremations because they can be done almost instantly. Partition cremations, on the other hand, require some waiting since they involve other animals. The most reputable pet cremation services will ensure your pet is kept separate from other animals in partition cremations and that you receive only your pet’s ashes. You can also choose a communal cremation, where your pet is cremated with others and the crematory disposes of the remains. This is the least expensive option and for some, the least painful since they do not have to receive the remains after cremation. Generally, the cost of cremation depends on what type of cremation you choose and the size of your pet. Smaller animals, for example, will cost less to cremate than larger ones.

If you choose to keep your pet’s ashes, there is a wide variety of urns and containers that can hold the remains. Whether or not you plan to scatter or bury the ashes, you will need to decide what type of container you would like to receive the remains in if you would like them to be returned to you. You can also choose to have some of the ashes made into jewelry or other mementos so that you can keep them close to you even though they are no longer physically here anymore.

Many people decide to hold a small funeral or viewing prior to cremation to gain closure. This is especially helpful for younger children who may be upset and confused by the passing of their furry friend. Ultimately, it is your decision whether or not you choose to hold some sort of ceremony to memorialize your furry friend. Remember, losing a pet can be extremely painful, and there’s no right or wrong way to grieve. You may feel the same sort of anger or sadness that comes with losing a family member, and that’s totally normal. Mourning the loss of a pet is an individual experience, so do what feels right for you, your family and your loved ones.

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"If there’s more stars to click, I would have rated 10 stars out of 5. My boyfriend and I lost our boy dog Mac at 3 am on Sat morning Sept 14, 2019. I don’t have children of my own personally, but he’s our boy and he’s special. We called Jeff Monreal Funeral Home after Mac’s passing and Jeff came over soon after at that early hour. Though it was the first time I met Jeff and though Mac was just a dog, but Jeff dressed professionally with suit and tie and dress shoes. And I could tell from the way Jeff talked to us and I could see in his eyes that how deeply sorry he was for our great loss and how much he cared sincerely. Mac’s was treated with respect and he was cremated in a first class facility, just the way we would want for a family. Jeff delivered Mac’s ashes and the memorial box after the cremation. Through this whole process, he was very sincere, thorough, and thoughtful during this very difficult time. He wanted each step worked the best for us so that we could take our time to grieve. Sincerely, Selena"