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What you need to know about an Urn Vault

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Urn vaults are very sturdy containers for cremation urns. You may need an urn vault if you plan to bury the cremation urn in certain cemeteries that require its use.

Urn Vaults: Providing Protection for Cremation Urns

Regardless of people’s many choices, most families like to stay with tradition. If you wish to place an urn in a consecrated cemetery, then a cremation urn vault will be necessary. As more Americans choose cremation, they face many choices on whether to display cremation urns, bury them, place them in columbarium niches, or scatter the ashes.

Cemeteries require urn vaults to properly maintain a person’s ashes. Options are available so you can select among the best options available to suit your needs.

Burial Options

For burial in a cemetery you can choose the type of burial: a columbarium or a traditional burial plot. 

Columbaria are simiilar to mausoleums. For those who would like to place their ashes in a columbarium, you may be required to obtain one.

If you choose a burial plot, more protection is usually required.

What is the purpose of an Urn Vault?

An urn vault offers additional protective layer is added so that the deceased ashes remain intact. Essentially, it is a sturdy container that can hold the urn itself.

Materials comprising urn vaults vary. Mostly made from eco friendly stone or wood, today they can be made from special polymers or concrete so that over time erosion is avoided.

Style Options

Many different styles and customizations are available today’s urn vault.


  1. Families can decide if the urn vault will hold one urn or more than one urn. 
  2. Families can select the urn material they want from many options.

Material Types Available:

• Polymer

• Concrete

• Marble

• Wood

Many urn vaults are also lined with plastics or metals (such as stainless steel). These materials are designed to offer more protection from the weight of the earth and by the prevention of water penetration.

3. Families can choose from many options and designs to fit their needs. Some vault manufacturers offer a specific design cut directly into the vault and many different colors. Others are plainer and more traditional, with a sleek, elegant presentation.

Customization Options

Adding custom choices is essential to help cemetery maintenance staff identify the remains without disturbing urns. 

Many manufacturers of urn vaults have further customization, such as handmade plates for the top and front of the urn vault. Some manufacturers also have the option of adding photographs of the people whose ashes are contained within. 

Urn vaults allow people to ensure their cremation urns are protected for decades. With the many choices available for materials, lining, colors, styles, and customization options, family members can select the urn vault that best represent the personality of their loved ones.

The price tags on urn vaults will vary depending on what they’re made out of, and how much protection they provide. But cremation costs and the cremation process is affordable and you shouldn’t have to break the bank to customize your loved ones remains. 

Jeff Monreal Funeral Home can aid you when you consider pre-planning your funeral arrangements and funeral service. We will make sure your wishes are honored and to relieve your family of the often difficult decisions that come with burying or cremation planned for a loved one.

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